Zeus Interview (Part 1): Flipping 50p a Day in School and Getting into Music Industry


Zeus aka “Mr Starzup” recently opened up about his early days growing up in South London as well as some of his childhood business ventures.

Zeus is a multi-faceted business man who has dabbled in a number of different industries over the years. In Part 1 of this interview, Zeus spoke about his early efforts in business as a school kid. He sold sweets, drinks and other snacks in school, and he also set up Pokemon tournaments for his fellow students.

“I was getting 50p a day from my Grandma, I was taking that to the shop and telling the shop man I’ll pay for the drinks after. I would take the drinks to school and sell them”

Zeus also had a love for music as a youth which led to him getting involved in the industry as a rapper and songwriter. He formed his music group D-Fam, and their combined achievements made Zeus realise the power of really going after what you want to achieve.

A hit song on TV and sessions with Krept and Konan are just a few of the highlights that the young entrepreneur has had on his music journey.

Check out Part 1 of the interview above!