3 of The Best Meetup Groups for Young Entrepreneurs in London

young entrepreneurs in London

Networking, networking! Everyone knows how important it is regardless of where you are on your business journey. Whether you’re yet to start a business or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, networking is always a good habit to exercise! Let’s look at some of the best meetup groups for young entrepreneurs in London.

Young Entrepreneurs Monthly Meetup!

Young Entrepreneurs Monthly Meetup is exactly what the name says it is. A monthly meetup in London for all young entrepreneurs, or those aspiring to get started in business. This group provides members/guests with workshops, networking events and socials which makes their events well rounded for everyone involved. The great thing about this group is that you can expect frequent events which will allow you to re-meet and build relationships with the regulars.


YENA is a global community focused on connecting founders and aspiring entrepreneurs. This group frequently holds networking events in London all year round. Topics covered include new business opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs, peer support, growth tips for start-ups amongst other insightful subjects. One of the best things about YENA is that it’s FREE to attend their networking events!

Young Entrepreneurs Social Sport (YESS)

This meetup group takes a very non-conventional approach to business networking. YESS aims to get young entrepreneurs together to play sports, socialise and of course build connections. If you’re looking for something with a “non-businessy” feel, but still want to meet like-minded people, then this is the perfect meet-up. Basketball, bowling, squash, amongst many other fun activities are available for you to enjoy with other young entrepreneurs. Based in Shoreditch, YESS is easily accessible to anyone in the London area by public transport. There are also over 100 members in the group so you’re guaranteed to find someone that you’ll click with.