#ThrowbackMerchant – Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson

Most of us know Sir Alex Ferguson for his legendary career in football which saw him become one of the greatest managers in history. Not too many people know that Sir Alex is also a very keen businessman, and has been so from an early age. Many of those in football and other high-paying industries get into business AFTER they get rich, but its quite rare to see these high earners having business careers before they become wealthy. You may be surprised to know that Sir Alex used to run a pub in Scotland called Fergie’s, whilst he was in his 30’s. This was a part-time effort for the Scotsman as he was making his first steps in football management with East Stirlingshire, which at the time paid him £40 per week.

Today, with decades more of leadership and business experience, Sir Alex Ferguson now has an estimated net worth of $70m and earns 6-figures for each of his lectures at Havard Business School. This demonstrates the importance of not allowing modest circumstances to cloud out your ambition. Sir Alex was still “on the come up” well into his 30’s, but didn’t allow the situation to stop him from achieving greatness.