A Bunch of Ways To Support Your Friends With Their Businesses…For FREE!

support your business

Supporting young entrepreneurs and start-ups is becoming a widely discussed subject matter. Usually, these up-and-coming business talents are starting their business careers right at the bottom. They have little/no connections, little/no following and little/no resources.

Money will always be a need for every type of business, new and established. However businesses, especially new ones, need other things to help them get off the ground, many of which are completely free!

Here are some quick and easy ways to support your friends with their businesses without spending a penny.

Recommend and Review (Publically)

New additions to the menu, winter/summer recommendations, collaborations you want to see happen. These are things you casually do for the big brands (who usually never respond to you). Recommendations and reviews (online/public) are indirect forms of promotion which help increase public awareness for the brand. How much does it cost you to tweet your friend’s travel agency recommending package deals in Macau? Cost: £0

Social Media

Follow, like, register, subscribe, comment, share. All of these can be done for free, and many of them can be repeated. Promote and ask questions about the product and service on social media. It represents interest in the business and adds credibility, which will only attract other eye balls to the business. Cost: £0

Refer a friend (more than once)

Think of your favourite music artist, favourite restaurant or favourite show on Netflix. How many times have you told people around you (some even more than once) to check out that new album or if they’ve seen the new season? All while you’re doing this, its not costing you any money. How is it any different with your friend’s business? Cost: £0

So now you’re fully equipped to go out and support your friends with their businesses, all without spending any of your money. Now obviously if you’re a good friend and money isn’t too tight you should also try and support financially. Support however is not dependent on money alone as this article has demonstrated.