Meet Sasha Tan – Founder of the Beauty Industry’s Trip Advisor

Sasha Tan

Sasha Tan is a young entrepreneur from Malaysia who is currently running her own beauty review business called Favful. Sasha Tan started Favful in 2015 at 25 years of age, and the business has since attracted over $500,000 in external investment. Sasha was inspired to start Favful after becoming frustrated by the trial and error methods of blindly buying beauty products. Sasha found this to be very costly financially, as well as time consuming.

Favful allows users to search a variety of beauty products, read reviews, do price comparisons and also purchase products. The aim is to make customers more informed as they make purchase decisions. Favful also acts as an online community where customers can use the chat feature to ask questions and interact with other users. This again allows customers to get a feel of any products they may be interested in before actually purchasing them. Overall, the website aims to increase the level of transparency between the customers and the vendors, just like Trip Advisor!

Check out Favful’s website here for more information