Life Outside of Football – Ryan Bertrand

Ryan Bertrand

Premier league footballers have often been criticised for being too reckless with their money and not being the best at planning ahead once their careers are over. This isn’t the case for Premier league football star Ryan Bertrand, who owns a fin-tech company called Silicon Markets.

The business allows retail investors to benefit from high level investment tools, thereby reducing the wide gap between institutional and retail investors. The average retail investor is usually heavily disadvantaged by a lack of effective investment tools which are generally only available to “bigger investors”. The Southampton defender founded the business in 2015 alongside two of his friends after having developed a strong interest in finance from an early age. Ryan stated that he started exploring financial markets at 18 years of age, at which time he was a youth team player at Chelsea.

It demonstrates the fact that many of the current generation of footballers have learnt the lessons from the past, and are focusing on preserving their wealth rather than squandering it.