Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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World’s Youngest Billionaire is Being Affected by Trump Policies


The world’s youngest billionaire John Collison has raised concerns about Donald Trump’s anti-immigration policies, as it’s affecting the foreign talent coming into Silicon Valley.

John is a young entrepreneur who owns Stripe, an online system that allows individuals and businesses to make secure payments online. As Stripe is based in Silicon Valley, they are directly affected by the implications of the new immigration policies from Donald Trump.

John told the BBC, “People are less willing to move to the US, they don’t even want to enter the visa process because of the perceived political climate here and how welcoming it is to immigrants”

This is a new challenge for the 27 year old Irishman, as his business is heavily reliant on the US, with a current workforce of over 700 people. Donald Trump’s view on foreigners raises questions about what the future of the US business space will look like. Will this create an opportunity for other countries to develop their own technology super-hubs like Silicon Valley? Will the US lose its edge in the business world since so many of the businesses in America rely on foreigners?

Networking Events For Young Entrepreneurs From Thoughts of Success


Thoughts of Success (TOS) is a social enterprise that puts on events to help young entrepreneurs network and learn more about business. TOS also provides employment and training opportunities for young people looking to get into work. TOS has recognised a need to support a generation of youths that are hungry for opportunities in various industries. The last event from TOS was held at Start Up Croydon on 27th February 2018, and they’ll be holding another one at the end of May (date TBC). TOS will also be holding a 2 day employability workshop in July.

If you’re interested in networking more and meeting like minded people, or just want to find out more about TOS, check out their website here for more details.

List of Top 30 Young Entrepreneurs in Africa Out This April!

young entrepreneurs

This April, Mfonobong Nsehe from Forbes will be releasing the annual list of the top 30 young entrepreneurs in Africa. The list is gathered by using the following criteria: An entrepreneur under the age of 35, must be a citizen of an African country, business must be based in Africa, business must have revenue of at least $100,000 and be generating a profit. It’s an interesting indication of what is generally considered “successful” in the business world as so many young entrepreneurs struggle with the concept of success. Mfonobong Nsehe has some additional requirements from the entrepreneurs and is currently taking nominations via email and Twitter for this year’s list.

Some of the previous young entrepreneurs that have appeared on the prestigious list are: Lorna Rutto (EcoPost), Joel Mwale (Skydrop Enterprises) and Oluwaseun Osewa (Nairaland).

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