Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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#ThrowbackMerchant – Bill Gates: 11th March 1991

Bill Gates

On this day in 1991, a 30-something year old Bill Gates was running Microsoft and had a personal net worth of over $3billion. What made 11th March 1991 a memorable day for the young entrepreneur was the announcement of the Ballpoint mouse, a new device to be used with laptop computers. This was a ground-breaking move from Microsoft at the time since laptops were the fastest growing part of the computer market. Before the ballpoint mouse, users of laptops would find it difficult to manoeuvre the screen as they didn’t have a convenient pointing device. The Microsoft Ballpoint would clip onto the side of the laptop and allow users to navigate the screen, which would make it easier to use the laptop whilst being on the move.

Bill Gates told Forbes Magazine, “When you spend your time thinking intensely about a field from a very young age, that’s when you can do great things because your mind has really got into it, you understand it”. Gates has been engrossed in the world of computers and technology since his early teens and has never stopped since. Since the release in of the Ballpoint mouse in 1991, Microsoft has continued to innovate and push the boundaries of convention.


Who is Zack Nathan?

zack nathan

Zack Nathan is the founder and CEO of Ape snacks, a company which provides healthy alternatives to snacking. Ape snacks is focused on producing coconut flakes and bites which have a variety of flavours including chia, sesame and pepper and spice. Zack’s inspiration to start Ape snacks came from his family’s healthy eating and noticing the lack of choice with healthy snacks when he went to university in America.

Zack decided to pursue a business career after his Mum gave him some homemade coconut flakes which were both delicious and healthy. Zack stepped out of university after his first semester at the age of 19 and went knee deep into building Ape Snacks.

Now at the age of 23, Zack’s business is selling to major retailers such as Sainsburys and Ocado! For more information on Zack and Ape snacks, check out the website below:

Ape Snacks website 

Nina Rose on the Challenges for Female Entrepreneurs


Young entrepreneur Nina Rose shares her view on the challenges for female entrepreneurs in the creative world. Nina owns an events business called Nina Rose Events. Nina’s business is focused on showcasing different talents around music, fashion and comedy around London. In her interview with us, Nina said “Being a woman in the creative industry, I’ve noticed that it’s very male dominated. Even though there are a lot of women doing their thing, it is still majority males in the industry”. Nina spoke on a few challenges that female entrepreneurs should be mindful of, and also gave some advice for younger females looking to get into business.

Check out the full interview above: