My 1 Minute Business Pitch – Shae Bunnies


7 year old entrepreneur Shae Brown delivered a 1 minute business pitch for his bunny rabbit venture Shae Bunnies.

The young entrepreneur spoke about what people can expect from Shae Bunnies, as well as the key players that are supporting him with his business.

Shae Bunnies provides bunny rabbits for children’s birthday parties, which allows the children to play, feed and take pictures with the rabbits. Having rabbits at a children’s birthday party adds a new dimension to the experience for the children, compared to a regular party. Shae provides fellow children with this unique experience in a fun and safe environment.

Shae started his business at the age of five, with the help of his family who encouraged him to turn his interest for pets into a small business venture. Having developed an entrepreneurial nature from such a young age, Shae is continuing to exercise new ideas for Shae Bunnies one step at a time.

Check out the full one minute business pitch above!