Miss Face of East Africa UK – One Minute Business Pitch


Young entrepreneurs Claudia Namukasa and Latifah Kabenge introduced us to their beauty and entrepreneurship pageant Miss Face of East Africa UK. As the name suggests, the business has a specific focus on East African women in the UK, with the aim of sharing the various cultures and talents in the community. In our conversation with Claudia and Latifah, the girls highlighted the fact that there has previously been a lack of openness amongst East Africans in the UK, which may be due to a lack of outwardly representation.

Noticing a lack of events, lack of public figures, lack of celebrations etc. from East Africans, Claudia and Latifah decided to start Miss Face of East Africa UK to target a section of the community that they are already well-suited in bringing together. On the surface, it may appear that the business is solely involved with beauty and fashion. This isn’t the case. Having attended their most recent event in March, we discovered an abundance of networking segments, business pitches, live performances, food, music and speeches all rooted from the East African culture. It’s an all-inclusive affair as well, which means men, women and children can attend, and it’s not just for East Africans! Anyone from any background can come and learn more about the culture.

It’s a clear sign that there’s a lot more room for East African representation in the UK across all fields. Claudia and Latifah, who are both from Uganda, spoke to us about a number of subjects both on a personal and business level which gave us a great insight into their lives as young entrepreneurs.

We also challenged the girls to give us a 1 minute business pitch for Miss Face of East Africa, which you can check out above:

Stay tuned for the full interview with Claudia and Latifah, coming soon!