Midnight Munchies – Business Review

business review

Midnight Munchies is a London based dessert business focused on making homemade tasty treats and delivering them straight to your door. The business was founded in 2016 by Melissa Wynter-Earle and Josephine Mochia, two young entrepreneurs from South London.

Midnight Munchies has a broad dessert menu which includes cheesecakes, brownies and cookie dough to satisfy any cravings you have for a sweet treat! The menu (found on the Midnight Munchies Instagram page) also has patties and bagels if you’re looking for something savoury to go with your dessert.

We made a few orders from Midnight Munchies to gain a better understanding of the menu and the customer service:

  • White chocolate cheesecake with caramel (£4), two Oreo cupcakes (£4) and a regular vanilla milkshake (£4) + £2 delivery charge Total: £14
  • White Chocolate cookie dough (£4), Apple crumble and custard (£4), Oreo cupcake (£2), Carrot cake (£3.50) + £2 delivery charge Total: £15.50

ORDER 1 – The white chocolate cheesecake was rich and had a sweet caramel drizzle on top. It was nice to have something not too common on a dessert menu as the “more typical options” are strawberry, vanilla and toffee. The two Oreo muffins were neatly coated in small biscuit crumbs and again, it was nice having a more unconventional option. Finally the vanilla milkshake was very refreshing to have after the muffins and cheesecake, however it was finished over two separate sit downs as it was quite thick to have all in one go!

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Order 1

ORDER 2 – White chocolate cookie dough: An ample portion was given which was much appreciated! This was paired perfectly with a reasonable amount of icecream.

Apple Crumble and custard (Hot): Although it was hard to choose, this was by far the most outstanding treat bought. The crumble was as described, not the stodgy consistency that can be found at other places, and both the apple crumble and custard were hot upon arrival!

Oreo Cupcake – Special of the day! 1 for £2 or 3 for £5: This was a nice addition to the sweet feast!

Carrot cake: A good sized piece of cake. Light and fluffy sponge with gorgeous icing!

Merchant life
Order 2

Strengths: Top customer service! Phone was answered immediately in a polite and professional manner. We were well informed about the expected waiting time which helped to manage our expectations. The desserts were of high quality. It’s clear that this business has a strong focus on the products it serves and making sure a high standard is maintained throughout.

Area for improvement: We were supposed to make a third order which would include the vegan options. Unfortunately on this occasion there were none of the options available when we called. One suggestion is to have a website where the business can amend the menu at short notice if there are any changes that customers need to know about before they order.

Overall, a quality food business.