Young Entrepreneur Marc Taylor is Expanding His Property Business


Marc Taylor, the founder of Tay Letting is expanding his property business into Edinburgh, after initially getting started in Glasgow.

Tay Letting provides property management and lettings services to both tenants and landlords in Edinburgh and Glasgow. At just 28 years of age, Marc already has close to a decade’s worth of experience with running his business.

Marc dropped out of university after just four months, and decided to start Tay Letting in 2009. As a teenage rookie in the business, Marc was lacking experience, reputation and contacts, all of which are vital in the lettings industry.

The young Scotsman relied heavily on word of mouth after finding his first four years in business grusomely slow. Many years later, Tay Letting now has over 700 properties under management and is anticipating over 1,000 by 2019 thanks to the Edinburgh addition.