Madeleine Clark Starts Clothing Line to Tackle Body Image Issues Amongst Women

Madeleine Clark

28 year old Madeleine Clark recently founded Lazy Gurl, a clothing line focused on serving “non-normal” body types for women. Finding the right fit is something everyone’s experienced at least once during a shopping trip. It’s even more of a challenge for those who don’t fit the conventional measurements from every-day fashion stores.

Madeleine who is size 10 and 5 ft 4, experienced first-hand the challenge of finding clothes that not only fit well, but also look good. With self-love being the focus, Lazy Gurl manufactures womenswear from size 8 to size 16, all made to order. The young entrepreneur told Teesside Live “Once we have solid sales we are opening a foundation where £1 from each sale will go towards charities for anorexia, and body image issues.”

This demonstrates the passion that Madeleine has for tackling image and body related challenges amongst women.

For more information on Lazy Gurl, check out their website here

Source: Teesside Live