Krept and Konan Are Launching Their Own Restaurant, Crepes and Cones!

Crepes and Cones

Krept and Konan have recently announced the launch of their new restaurant, Crepes and Cones. The rap duo confirmed the upcoming venture via social media today and they’ve received a lot of support for their new business. Krept and Konan have built a strong reputation for using clever punchlines in their lyrics, so it’s no surprise that they’ve been clever with their choice of name!

The vision to open a restaurant started a few years ago for the boys, and the tweets above show how long they’ve been pushing their dream for. The official launch is 12th May 2018 at 24-26 South End, Croydon. Crepes and Cones have promised a diverse menu which includes crepes, waffles, burgers and ice creams amongst other treats. The menu is halal, and there are also vegan options just to cater to everyone’s dietary needs.