Kieran Griffith Talks To Us About Prime Sportswear

young entrepreneur

Young entrepreneur Kieran Griffith spoke to us about his sportswear brand Prime Sportswear and his motivation to get started in business.

Prime Sportswear is focused on making everyone feel comfortable and confident whilst they exercise. Too many sportswear brands direct their products towards people who are already at a certain level physically and ignore the “less refined” gym-goer.

Kieran told us “Everyone should feel comfortable at the gym regardless of their fitness and physique”Kieran’s inspiration to start Prime Sportswear came from his love for sports, fitness and business. Kieran is a very passionate gym-goer and has also played semi professional American football.

With a desire to build a business around something he was passionate about, it was clear that sports and fitness would be the focus. Kieran noticed that there are too many people who lack confidence during exercise especially at the gym, and a lot of it is about how they feel and look with their gym clothes.


Short snippet of the interview with Kieran below: