Is It Too Competitive Out Here?

too competitive

How many times do you go on your social meda timeline, or on your YouTube homepage and see new music, new podcasts or new talk shows? How often do you see a new hair company or some kind of tech start-up doing promotions on Instagram? Is the market generally too over-crowded? Is the business world too competitive in 2018?

The internet always seems like the biggest culprit. Everyone has a smartphone, a laptop/computer or a tablet. Everyone watches YouTube. Everyone has some kind of social media page to distract them, and even if they don’t, they’ll still have people directly sending them the latest trending videos on the TL! The point is that there’s a lot of information out there. Articles (including this one), videos and various other forms of content are being released every second all over the world. The internet  and social media in particular are both seen as a gift and a curse.

Technology has made it much easier to set-up-shop with minimal/no corporate support. With a small investment in a laptop, some equipment and software (depending on your business idea), you can start operating as an independent instantly. You can blast your business out to the whole world via social media platforms and start building your fan-base overnight. This would have been extremely difficult to do all by yourself before the days of the internet. On the flip side, this “ease of entry” into the market has increased the level of competition immensely. Because its so easy to start a YouTube channel, and app, a website etc. there are now millions of people all doing the same or similar things. It’s becoming harder to stand out. The customers (and potential customers) have so much choice with music, comedy, motivational talks, “life-improvement apps” and anything else “digitally consumable” that its becoming harder to hold their attention.

So we’ll close the question by asking the opening question again. Is it too competitive out here? It depends if you have a winning mentality or a losing one. A winning mentality will find a way to compete. A losing mentality will look for excuses to prevent them from competing.