Interview with Darren Tenkorang – Part 2


In part 2 of our interview with Trim-It founder Darren Tenkorang, the young entrepreneur spoke further about the steps he made to turn his unique idea into a business. Darren focused on how bizarre his mobile barbershop idea sounded at first, and highlighted the initial struggle with presenting the idea to people.

“Builders, electricians, they were all looking at me thinking, what are you talking about, this makes no sense…”

Having a great business idea is key, but having the right people to pull it off is just as important. Darren gave us an insight into some of the main team players that helped to make Trim-It a reality.

Being that Trim-It is the first mobile barbershop in the UK, there was no template for Darren to follow, which meant there was quite a lot of self-teaching and learning on the job in the early stages.

Darren went on to explain that he would bring builders to his house and even make them breakfast, before getting to work on the construction of the Trim-It van. Full interview above!