Hayley Mulenda – “I Hate Calling Myself a Motivational Speaker”

Hayley Mulenda

Young entrepreneur and speaker Hayley Mulenda recently sat down with ChatsWithMorgan and explained her dislike for the title “motivational speaker”. Hayley has held a number of talks around the world focused on uplifting the youth by sharing her own personal story.

Hayley, who is still only 20 years old has been doing public speaking since she was 16 whilst still at school. She explained, “I like to call myself the honest speaker not the motivational speaker because my stories are not there to motivate you, my stories are there to tell you my truth”.

Hayley also shared some painful experiences that led to her finding her purpose earlier in her life, and explained that she aims to help other people turn their pain to purpose. Hayley continued by talking about the importance of owning your truth and facing the reality of life, rather than living behind “the hidden filter”.

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Source: ChatsWithMorgan