Forbes 2018: List of the 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs in Africa

30 most promising young entrepreneurs in Africa

Earlier today, Forbes published the long-awaited list of the 30 most promising young entrepreneurs in Africa. It’s a very diverse list in terms of industries, ages and regions within Africa. We’ve got young entrepreneurs involved in technology, agriculture, real estate amongst many others. The list covers entrepreneurs across North, South, East and West Africa which demonstrates the overall progress that Africa is making in the business world. Lets take a look at some of the names on the list:

Ibrahima Ben Aziz Konate (Ivory Coast): 23 Years Old – Poultry d’Or

This young man from Ivory Coast started a business that delivers fresh meat and other agricultural products directly to the customer. The food is slaughtered/plucked, packaged and delivered all within the same day. This is definitely a business to watch out for, especially in an age where there is so much emphasis on healthy eating!

Doreen Noni (Tanzania): 28 Years Old – 102.5 Lake FM

Doreen has become a well-established figure within the African business community over recent years, having started in fashion and music at a very early age. Doreen is the owner and founder of 102.5 Lake FM which is East Africa’s first and only female-owned radio station.

Obinna Okwodu (Nigeria): 27 Years Old – Fibre

Obinna is a young entrepreneur from Lagos, Nigeria who started a property booking application which allows tenants the option to pay their rent on a monthly basis. You might be wondering what the big deal is, if all you know is paying your rent every month. In Lagos, it is very common for landlords to demand up to 2 years rent in advance! This is where Fibre comes in, to help the residents of Lagos to have a more convenient way of paying their rent.

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Source: Forbes