23 Year Old Scotsman Builds Solution For Holiday Homeowners

Doug Stephenson

Young entrepreneur Doug Stephenson has created a business to help holiday homeowners get higher rents on their properties. The young man from Edinburgh founded TravelNest, a business that manages all of the advertising for homeowners via a single platform. The business advertises properties on a number of major websites such as Airbnb and Booking.com and provides homeowners with data on how each website is performing with their property, to help them optimise their advertising efforts.

Doug started this business as a result of trying to find a solution for managing his parents’ 40-property portfolio. The business has since developed to have over 2,000 properties under the platform and has also attracted over £3m in venture capital investment.

TravelNest is another example of a young entrepreneur identifying a problem and using this as inspiration to start a business. Doug made the decision to quit university in his first year to focus entirely on building TravelNest. The business has progressed considerably over the past year, and now has over 20 staff members.