DIY Generation: Short Documentary on Young Entrepreneurs in the UK and Q&A With Jamz Supernova

Jamz Supernova

BBC 1Xtra DJ Jamz Supernova followed the journeys of 6 young entrepreneurs across the UK with their business ventures.

Supernova regularly talks to young entrepreneurs on her 1Xtra show DIY Generation to get an insight into the stories and experiences of today’s young merchants. Being an entrepreneur herself, Supernova is familiar with the experiences that young independents are facing today with their business efforts.

Check out our short Q&A with Jamz Supernova below:

ML: A few of the young entrepreneurs you spoke to mentioned that they dropped out of university. Do you think that a young person can successfully run a business alongside university, or do they have to decide on one path?

JS: I don’t think there is one clear path & that’s what we’re trying to highlight. I think a young person can 100% do both. In my weekly radio feature of DIY Generation we’ve had people like Festival owners Strawberries & Cream who met at uni, plotted and executed the idea whilst still getting their degrees!

ML: Improvements in technology have made it easier for young people to get their business ideas off the ground, however, do you think that the business world is now becoming too competitive, and how should young people approach this environment?

JS: I don’t think it makes it more competitive but I think platforms like Instagram can give off the impression that people are more successful than they are. What you see with the doc is that these are all incredible young people who have got their businesses off the ground and online look like they’ve made it. But in reality it’s going to take a lot more hard work for them to cement themselves. And when they meet their mentors you can see the real difference in how far they have to go!

ML: With money being a key focus for most business owners, how would you encourage young people who may not be making money especially in the early stages of their business journey?

JS: Money is always going to be a hard one, but I think it’s ok to have another job or a part time job in order to pay the bills. No one gets to live their dream straight away. But it’s really important that you compartmentalise your money and try to invest even just 5% of your income back into your idea!

Full Jamz Supernova documentary here