Interview with Darren Tenkorang – Part 1


We sat down with young entrepreneur Darren Tenkorang to discuss how he came up with the UK’s first mobile barber service, Trim It. Darren is a 23 year old graduate who has a calm, but assured aura about him. Hailing from Brixton, Darren came up with Trim It whilst he was at Sussex university, and he’s now been running the business for over two years.

In part one of this Interview, Darren explains his journey as a young entrepreneur, and how Trim It went through a few pivots from its initial model. Darren explained that Trim It started off as a mobile app where customers could book appointments with local barbers which would solve the issue of long waiting times for the customer. The business has since developed to have its own van and barbers, to give Trim It more ownership with the service that’s being provided.

One of the main things that stood out whilst talking to Darren is how balanced and honest he was during the conversation. He mentioned a few times (without being prompted) about the challenges that he’s experienced before and during his journey with Trim It.

“To be very blunt and very honest, we weren’t making any money. We weren’t making the money that we wanted to, so I had to think of a way of controlling the experience for the customer whilst generating income”.

Darren was explaining why the business pivoted from the mobile app as one of the challenges they faced was controlling the customer experience. Trim It wasn’t able to control the experience for the customer because they were not the ones providing the haircuts. They were solely focused on creating a platform to link customers to barbers. This is why Trim It has evolved to have their own van and barbers to give them more control with the quality the customer receives.

Check out part 1 of the interview with Darren above.

Host: Tola

Production: Try Media