Anthony De Prezzo Interview – Part 3


In part 3 of Anthony De Prezzo’s interview, the Banterbus founder spoke about the importance of networking, as well as his new comedy YouTube series.

Networking is something that’s very regularly preached about within business circles, however it’s still something that many struggle to put into full effect. Anthony is very passionate about networking and enjoys meeting like-minded people, which allows him to keep building useful relationships.

Anthony gave a good example of how effective networking has been for him:

“I am here now with you because of a networking event. We met at a networking event, and there was only about 4 or 6 people there. You’ve since been to my Banterbus event and now I am here filming with you.”

Running Banterbus creates the opportunity for Anthony to keep meeting new people at each event, however he recently decided to go one step further by running his very own networking event.

“Earlier this year I decided to put my first networking event and I am looking to do another one in the next few months”

The young entrepreneur also spoke about his new YouTube comedy series which focuses on… (Watch the interview above for the full details! lol)