Anthony De Prezzo Interview – Part 2


In the second part of our interview with Anthony De Prezzo, the Banterbus founder reflected on his most recent event, whilst delving further into the origins of Banterbus.

The last Banterbus took place on 2nd June 2018, and was held in collaboration with Axel Blake’s I’m Not Gonna Lie show at the O2 arena. Anthony explained:

“I moved my event to an earlier time because normally it starts at 7pm, so I decided to move it to about 4pm, we partied, had our 2 stand up comedians then arrived at Axel’s show for 8pm”

Anthony wants to continue collaborating with other comedians and their shows which will allow his customers to attend a comedy show straight after spending a few hours on the Banterbus.

Having spent his working life in the IT industry, it was interesting to listen to Anthony explaining how he was able to cross into the comedy events business.

Working a job alongside building a business is a true test of time management and discipline. Anthony juggled his day job alongside his business efforts, and he’s managed to sell out several events less than a year after launching.

The young entrepreneur also hinted that he may be bringing the Banterbus into other cities within the UK, and may also consider making it international very soon.

Full interview above!