Anthony De Prezzo Interview – Part 1


Banterbus founder Anthony De Prezzo recently spoke to us about the origins of his love for comedy, and how he turned this passion into a business. Anthony explained how he’s always enjoyed good humour, starting off as a bit of a class clown during his childhood days.

He maintained his passion for comedy by utilising social media to share funny videos with family and friends, something that accidently got him over 20,000 views! (Full story in the interview above).

Despite Anthony’s love for comedy, he himself prefers to be a fan of the art and share the humour with others.

“Generally I prefer to laugh at other people’s jokes rather than making people laugh.”

Anthony enjoys sharing the experience, and that’s exactly how his innovative and exciting business got started. Comedians, a live DJ, drinks and good vibes is what Banterbus promises its guests. Laughter, partying and networking, all on a moving bus which stops off at iconic locations around London throughout the night!

Part 1 of this interview explores the beginnings for Anthony De Prezzo as an entrepreneur, and also focuses on how he turned a passion into a business.

Check out Anthony’s 1 Minute Business Pitch here