7 Year Old Lilly Makes Her Pocket Money By Recycling


You see a problem, you find a solution! That’s exactly what Lilly Trevaskis-Charlton done a few weeks ago with her Mum’s recycling (or lack of it!).

Lilly noticed the recycling bin at home getting very full after her Mum forgot to take it out for collection. The family then had to go directly to the recycling centre to get rid of their trash, and they received 10 cents for every item that was recycled. Lilly then decided to do more recycling not just for her family, but for other residents in her neighbourhood.

The young girl from New South Wales, Australia has tapped into a very promising business venture, especially since her home town Wagga Wagga has a severe lack of recycling deposit points for the locals. Residents of Wagga Wagga may find it much easier paying a few cents to a local school girl to take care of their recycling, rather than travelling long distances every time they need to recycle. Not only is it a very profitable business for the 7 year-old, she’s also supporting sustainable living in the community.

Lilly’s business efforts are obviously supported heavily by her parents, since she’s only 7 years old. Her mother helps her get to and from each of her customers, and also supervises business activities to ensure her daughter isn’t being exploited. This demonstrates the importance of having supportive parents as a young entrepreneur. Lilly’s recycling business would have never taken off without her mother’s permission, and it would have just remained an idea.

Source: ABC News