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BanterBash – Something New For Your Nightlife!

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Somewhere in South London, something special is brewing in the comedy events space. Allow us to introduce BanterBash, the comedy events business that brings you live banter in a number of unique locations!

The business was founded by Anthony De Prezzo (below) less than a year ago, and the business held its first “BanterBus” event in February 2018. The BanterBus involves live comedy and DJs along with drinks, all on a double-decker bus to create the perfect pre-drinks atmosphere.

merchant life
@deprezzobanter – Instagram

BanterBash is focused on bringing quality live comedians directly to the fans, and creating a party atmosphere in amongst the jokes. The last BanterBus event was in Clapham and was a huge success. The aim is to give people a new night life experience beyond just a regular night out. Anthony is a keen fan of all types of comedy and regularly posts funny videos on his Instagram page.

We did a short Q&A with Anthony to get an insight into him, and his very exciting business:

ML: What inspired you to start BanterBash?

Anthony: I’ve always loved comedy and watching videos of various comedians on Instagram do funny sketches. Towards the end of 2016 I started following Mothecomedian on Instagram and thought he was hilarious. Rather than going to watch Mothecomedian perform in a stand up comedy show I decided I wanted to put on a variety show myself. This show would include Mothecomedian headlining along side Jose Da Cruz, Nadzthecomedienne, Poets SayNada and PricesPoetry, Rappers AnotherKind and cmgcertified DJ Morris Major amongst many other talented acts.

ML: What’s the biggest challenge with being in the events business?

Anthony: I’d say the biggest challenges with events management is keeping costs down and getting people to come to your event. It’s very easy to blow your budget on comedians, venue hire, photographers, DJs, videographers etc.

Don’t expect to make profit straight away it takes time.

Convincing people to come to your event is not easy especially if you’re new to events. There’s a lot of competition out there.  My aim was to ensure people enjoyed themselves and be surrounded by friendly people.

ML: What can we look forward to in the future from BanterBash?

Anthony: You can look forward to more cool and quirky locations for comedy/parties. So far there’s been Tropicana beach club, All star lanes (bowling), and a double decker party bus! BanterBash will be going international with events all over the world.

Hayley Mulenda – “I Hate Calling Myself a Motivational Speaker”

Hayley Mulenda

Young entrepreneur and speaker Hayley Mulenda recently sat down with ChatsWithMorgan and explained her dislike for the title “motivational speaker”. Hayley has held a number of talks around the world focused on uplifting the youth by sharing her own personal story.

Hayley, who is still only 20 years old has been doing public speaking since she was 16 whilst still at school. She explained, “I like to call myself the honest speaker not the motivational speaker because my stories are not there to motivate you, my stories are there to tell you my truth”.

Hayley also shared some painful experiences that led to her finding her purpose earlier in her life, and explained that she aims to help other people turn their pain to purpose. Hayley continued by talking about the importance of owning your truth and facing the reality of life, rather than living behind “the hidden filter”.

Check out the full interview in the twitter link above.

Source: ChatsWithMorgan

Kieran Griffith Talks To Us About Prime Sportswear

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Young entrepreneur Kieran Griffith spoke to us about his sportswear brand Prime Sportswear and his motivation to get started in business.

Prime Sportswear is focused on making everyone feel comfortable and confident whilst they exercise. Too many sportswear brands direct their products towards people who are already at a certain level physically and ignore the “less refined” gym-goer.

Kieran told us “Everyone should feel comfortable at the gym regardless of their fitness and physique”Kieran’s inspiration to start Prime Sportswear came from his love for sports, fitness and business. Kieran is a very passionate gym-goer and has also played semi professional American football.

With a desire to build a business around something he was passionate about, it was clear that sports and fitness would be the focus. Kieran noticed that there are too many people who lack confidence during exercise especially at the gym, and a lot of it is about how they feel and look with their gym clothes.


Short snippet of the interview with Kieran below: