Monday, October 15, 2018
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13 Year Old is Reported For Not Having a Permit For His Business  


Teenage entrepreneur Jaequan Faulkner started his very own hot dog stand, serving those in his hometown, Minneapolis. The young man started his small operation two years ago to help raise money for clothes, until he was reported for not having a health permit.

Jaequan’s hot dog business, Mr Faulkner’s Old Fashioned Hot Dogs was forced to shut down by the local health department putting, what seemed to be, an end to Jaequan’s hustle.

After the Minneapolis Department of Health found out that they were investigating a 13 year old entrepreneur, they decided to support him with his business with a short term permit as well as some training.

The news has attracted sponsorship for Jaequan which has allowed him to maintain his business beyond the initial short term agreement with the health department.

He Says She Says – One Minute Business Pitch


The man behind the radio talk show He Says She Says gave us a 1 minute business pitch, presenting everything that this unique brand is about.

The young entrepreneur from South London started the radio and YouTube show one year ago alongside his team of presenters and panelists. The talk show covers topics such as relationships, money, social media and gender roles just to name a few.

Manny told us how he aims to bring the show directly to the youth via live speeches and debates, and therefore raise more awareness among the young people in 2018.

Check out the full 1 minute business pitch above

Gian Power Leaves City Job and Launches Meditation Business


26 year old Gian Power has recently launched a meditation service called Unwind, focused on helping city-workers do exactly what the name suggests.

Unwind was inspired by an incredibly challenging period of Gian’s life, whilst he himself was working full time in the city. The ex-PWC employee launched the meditiation experience following the tragic death of his father.

Gian attended Aston University where he studied International Business and German. After he graduated, he started working at PWC full time whilst also pursuing his accountancy exams.

Around a year after starting at PWC, Gian received the devastating news that his Father had been tragically murdered in India during a work trip.

Gian spent some time reflecting whilst working and organising his Father’s funeral. The young entrepreneur eventually made the decision to leave PWC and join the New Entrepreneurs Foundation to focus on a career in business rather than a corporate 9-5.

This new direction for Gian resulted in him launching Unwind after he himself had experienced the benefits of meditation following his father’s death.

The business is aimed towards those working in corporate London who may need some time out from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Check out the full article from Gian’s inspiring story here

Source: Business Insider