Thursday, September 20, 2018
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Interviews, Documentaries and Business Pitches All Based on Young Entrepreneurs!


Miss Face of East Africa UK – One Minute Business Pitch

Young entrepreneurs Claudia Namukasa and Latifah Kabenge introduced us to their beauty and entrepreneurship pageant Miss Face of East Africa UK. As the name suggests, the business has a...
Multi Lets Ltdvideo

What is MAYbecomeRICH?

Chris Richards and Jake May introduce their YouTube channel MAYbecomeRICH which is dedicated to helping people more entrepreneurial by sharing some valuable business tips. The young entrepreneurs from London...

Midnight Munchies Interview – Part 1

Young entrepreneurs Melissa and Josephine introduce their dessert delivery business Midnight Munchies. This is the first part of the Midnight Munchies interview, and the girls talk us through their...